THE LITTLE DEATH (2014, Australia)

Directed by – Josh Lawson / Written by – Josh Lawson / Produced by – Jamie Hilton, Michael Petroni, Matt Reeder / Cinematography – Simon Chapman / Edited by – Christian Gazal / Starring – Damon Herriman, Bojana Novakovic, Josh Lawson / 2014, Australia / Running time: 95 mins.

littledeathposterThe mantra of The Little Death seems to be, “let’s talk about sex.” Ultimately, it is not much different from the common idea of parents talking about sexual taboos.
The directorial debut of Australian actor Josh Lawson follows the intertwining tales of a number of thirty-something couples and their sexuality. Some of the kinkier topics cover rape fantasies, role-play obsessions and a strange fetishism related to crying. One of the most noteworthy parallel storylines is that a man goes from door to door introducing himself to his new neighbours as a sex offender, a procedure apparently required by law.
This is only scraping the surface, in a comedy that seems to imply that everything runs according to one’s sexual desires. Which is a philosophy that can either be banal or intriguing, depending on the individual viewer. The fact that the film feels more like a reassuring pat on the shoulder rather than a fresh and daring movie about its driving concept makes it seem naïve and underwhelming.
Lawson’s sweet touch does not go unnoticed. Neither does the fluidity of its entertaining pace. But the fact that The Little Death would ultimately resort to silly comedic resolutions makes it seem shallow, and ultimately says nothing worthy of note.”

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