NORTH (2014, UK)

Directed by – Phil Sheerin / Written by – Phil Sheerin / Produced by – Jacob Thomas / Cinematography – Steven Cameron Ferguson / Music by – Fraya Thomsen / Starring – Janie Booth, Barry Keoghan, Kate Lock / UK / 22 mins.
“Assisted suicide is, no doubt, a delicate subject. It has been dealt with time and time again by cinema in recent times, and on occasion, has highlighted certain aspects of such a drastic decision in rewardingly human way.
Phil Sheerin’s North follows the intimate storyline of the affect a woman’s decision has on her skin and bones son. It fills him with rage, as he fails to understand. The rage turns him against other members of his wider family, who have gathered at his house in the country for support and a final farewell.
The fact that this short film’s intentions do not become fully clear until its half-way mark heightens the tension of the angry young man aspect of North‘s story. But ultimately, the film relies upon familiar domestic elements to carry across its message in a respectful way.
North is well shot and competently scripted. Sheerin does an excellent job in directing his cast, especially Barry Keoghan, who has a natural charisma and bucket-loads of energy, but whose performance might have risked going over the top. In the end, it is as balanced as the rest of the film, which in its just over twenty minutes duration, is quite powerful on a visceral, emotional level.”

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