COMIC POTENTIAL (2015, Ireland)

COMIC POTENTIAL | 2015, Ireland | Comedy | Directed by – Ross Carey, Emmet O’Brien / Written by – Ross Carey, Emmet O’Brien / Produced by – Stephen Broekhuizen, Adam McCarthy / Cinematography – Justin MacCarthy / Starring – Peadar Clancy, Irene Kelleher / Running time: 15 mins.

comicpotentialposterA young woman from Bantry, a small and dull town in Ireland where nothing much happens, decides to become a superhero. There is a message of sweetness and doing random acts of kindness at the core of Comic Potential that adds some charm to it. But there’s nothing particularly interesting or original about it.
Essentially, it feels like your average episode of a YouTube web-series, only its slightly slower rhythm supposedly qualifies it as a short film in line with those presented in shorts programmes at film festivals. Though it’s humorous, in a nerdy and childish kind of way, it’s never funny. And in the end, it even resorts to the old suicide cliché.” – 2/5

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