KENNEDY QUAY (2013, Ireland)


KENNEDY QUAY || 2013, Ireland || Experimental || Directed by – Naoimh Ní Luanaigh / Written by – Naoimh Ní Luanaigh / Cinematography – Kieran Fitzgerald / Starring – David Cooney / Running time: 8 mins.

An interesting experimental short film that manages to encapsulate the cultural identity of a region via a simple and creative idea and structure. In Kennedy Quay, we join a young man on a casual walk. As we do, he looks straight at the camera, regurgitating a collage of everyday conversations.

The vast majority of the dialogue was taken by director Naoimh Ni Luanaigh directly from conversations she overheard around Cork, a city on the West Coast of Ireland. There is a spontaneous energy and directness in the film that is disarming. The collage of the dialogue itself, recited by actor David Cooney with great temperament and consistency, alternate freely between the banal, comic and dramatic.

In a way, this short is as relevant and effective in depicting the portrayal of a city as any expansive city symphony, or travelogue. It’s like the ultimate equivalent of the back of a postcard. But its attitude and charge also allows for an interaction that is vivid, different and modern whilst never losing sight of the ordinary. – 4/5


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