TOMORROW WE MOVE (“Demain on déménage,” 2004, France/Belgium)


DEMAIN ON DÉMÉNAGE || 2004, France/Belgium || Comedy || Directed by – Chantal Akerman / Written by – Chantal Akerman, Eric de Kuyper / Produced by – Paulo Branco / Music by – Sonia Wieder-Atherton / Cinematography – Sabine Lancelin / Edited by – Claire Atherton / Starring – Sylvie Testud, Aurore Clément, Natacha Régnier / Running time: 110 mins.


“Tomorrow We Move (Demain on Démènage)” by Chantal Akerman (2004, France/Belgium)

A woman, who writes erotica for a living despite being sexually inept, attempts to adjust to her new life with her recently widowed mother in a crammed and messy duplex. This central odd coupling, mother and daughter with different personalities, is the driving point of Tomorrow We Move, perhaps the least rewarding film in Chantal Akerman’s filmography.

This is a film in which many things happen from start to finish, and events unravel at a rapid fire pace that never seems to stop or pause to take a breather. Its theatrical set up is frantic, and this frenzy becomes progressively exhausting.

The film is not entirely devoid of charm. The colourful though sometimes cartoonishly eccentric characters show many signs of originality. However, their relationships and interactions with one another feel constructed, slight and fickle. This is perhaps a sign of an unfulfilled satirical edge that doesn’t really work, and in fact lessens the impact of its more sensitive, intimate and domestic explorations, which don’t seem to be very honest.” – 2/5


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