10/65: SELF-MUTILATION (“10/65: Selbstverstümmelung,”1965, Austria)


10/65: SELBSTVERSTÜMMELUNG || 1965, Austria || Experimental || Directed by – Kurt Kren / Produced by – Kurt Kren / Cinematography – Kurt Kren / Editing by – Kurt Kren / Starring – Gunter Brus / Running time: 5 mins.

10/65: Self-Mutilation is an avant-garde film that can be described as a montage of shots of a man inflicting pain on his body in imaginative ways. As he does this, he is covered with plaster and dough, elements that add a disturbing texture to the film.

Central to 10/65: Self-Mutilation, besides the disturbing and aggressive provocation of the visuals is the use of montage. The film, like much of its director Kurt Kren’s work, can be described as structural, in the sense that the montage is central to its existence. The film can be viewed unaccompanied by music and still retain an evident musical pattern in the way it is cut and put together.

10/65: Self-Mutilation can safely be considered one of the works that best represents Kren’s artistic sensibilities. A member of the Viennese Actionist, so called because of the movement and action involved in the making of their art, which also often revolved around the body, Kren’s imagery is sometimes tough to watch and tests the limits of a viewer’s ability to keep watching. Nevertheless, it’s nevertheless not a film for everyone due to its very graphic nature. – 3/5


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