ADULT BEHAVIOUR (“Vuxna människor,”1999, Sweden)


VUXNA MÄNNISKOR || 1999, Sweden || Comedy || Directed by – Felix Herngren, Fredrik Lindstrom / Written by – Fredrik Lindstrom / Produced by – Waldemar Bergendahl, Jan Blomgren, Kerstin Bonnier / Music by – Matti Bye / Cinematography by – Goran Hallberg / Editing by – Jan Persson / Production design – Jan Olof Agren / Starring – Felix Herngren, Karin Bjurstrom, Cecilia Ljung / Running time: 91 mins.


“Adult Behaviour (Vuxna Manniskor)” by Felix Herngren and Frederik Lindstrom (1999, Sweden)

A married couple decides to split up but struggles to take control of their lives away from each other. Adult Behaviour is a surprisingly good comedy that plays on some real contemporary paranoia, sexual innuendo with much wit and a welcome dash of immaturity. The characters, not entirely likable, are nevetheless softened up thanks to some brilliant performances, including a leading one by Felix Herngren, who also co-directed the film Lindstrom – who on the other hand wrote the screenplay. – 4/5


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