2001: A SPACE TRAVESTY (2000, Canada / Germany)


2001: A SPACE TRAVESTY || 2001, Canada / Germany || Comedy || Directed by – Allan A. Goldstein / Written by – Vince Di Clemente, Francesco Lucente, Alan Shearman / Produced by – Luc Campeau, Gary DePew, Ezio Greggio, Martin Heldmann, Walter Koenig, Jeffrey Konvitz, Véronique Maingard, Leslie Nielsen, Hannah Richardson, Danny Rossner, Chuck Smiley / Music by – Claude Foisy / Cinematography by – Sylvain Brault / Editing by – Gaétan Huot / Production Design by – Csaba Andras Kertesz / Starring – Leslie Nielsen, Ophélie Winter, Ezio Greggio / Running time: 99 mins.


“2001: A Space Travesty” by Allan A. Goldstein (2000, Canada / Germany)

Aliens kidnap the president of the US and replace him with a clone; it’s up to Leslie Nielsen to go up on the planet. Sadly, 2001: A Space Travesty is as weak as the wit in its title. A cheap and dumb-witted spoof comedy that lacks any type of creativity and is totally forgettable – and forgotten. – 1/5


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