THE COFFIN MAKER (2013, India)


THE COFFIN MAKER || 2013, India || Drama || Directed by – Veena Bakshi / Written by – Veena Bakshi / Produced by – Dilip Borkar, Ashish Gupta, Bharat Vijan / Music by – Bapi-Tutul / Cinematography – Mahesh Aney / Production design – Gautam Sen / Starring – Benjamin Gilani, Randeep Hooda, Ratna Pathak || Running time: 123 mins.


“The Coffin Maker” by Veena Bakshi (2013, India)

A cynical and disillusion carpenter turned coffin maker due to his difficult financial circumstances is challenged by Death, who shows up at his shop one day unexpected.

The Coffin Maker is composed by a fable-like storyline. Its warth, occasional laughter and sentimental moments are able to charm an international audience. The central narrative, chronicling the relationship and blooming friendship between the titular coffin maker and death is interesting. Randeep Hooda’s suave embodiment of Death is particularly worth of note.

However, despite a welcome lack of musical numbers, this film still shows many excesses that define more commercial titles produced by Bollywood, that inevitably cheapen its standards. – 3/5


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