THE YOUNG GIRLS OF ROCHEFORT (“Les demoiselles de Rochefort,”1967, France)


LES DEMOISELLES DE ROCHEFORT || 1967, France || Musical || Directed by- Jacques Demy / Written by – Jacques Demy / Produced by – Mag Bodard, Gilbert de Goldschmidt / Music by – Michel Legrand / Cinematography by – Ghislain Cloquet / Editing by – Jean Hamon / Production design – Bernard Evein / Starring – Catherine Deneuve, George Chakiris, Francoise Dorleac, Jacques Perrin, Michel Piccoli, Gene Kelly / Running time: 120 mins.


“The Young Girls of Rochefort (Les demoiselles de Rochefort)” by Jacques Demy (1967, France)

The Young Girls of Rochefort is certainly one of Jacques Demy’s finest films. The story revolves around two sisters living in the titular town, played by the radiant real life sisters Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorleac, and the a series of intricate of romantic storylines that depend on chance and fatality.

A master of the musical genre, here Demy’s film is exceptionally colourful, lively and brilliant. It is absolutely remarkable the way in which he blends the romantic intrigue with absolute control over narrative rhythm and stylistic competence. Both are also prominently marked by a wonderful score, that is integral to the story like a wonderful operetta.

Gloriously choreographed dance sequences and glamorous costumes that provide a stunning colour palette in their own right, complete the starking beauty of the visuals.

To top it off, aside from the excellent performances by the aforementioned Deneuve and Dorleac, The Young Girls of Rochefort features excellent turns by Michel Piccoli and a show stealing supporting role by musical icon Gene Kelly, here in a French speaking role, as delightful as in any of his most famous roles. – 5/5


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