ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD (“Todo el Tiempo del Mundo,” 2014, Argentina)


TODO EL TIEMPO DEL MUNDO || 2014, Argentina || Drama || Directed by – Rosendo Ruiz / Written by – Micaela Dalesson, Paula Ledesma, Rosendo Ruiz / Produced by – Sergio Badino, Florencia Bastida, Inés Moyano, Gustavo Oviedo, Graciela Suau / Music by – Juan Ignacio Croce, Alejo Navarro / Cinematography – Pablo Gonzalez Galetto / Editing by – Rosendo Ruiz, Ramiro Sonzini / Production design – Isabel Riberi / Starring – Juan Ignacio Croce, Micaela Dalesson, Paula Ledesma, Maura Muzi || 72 mins.


“All the Time in the World (Todo el Tiempo del Mundo)” by Rosendo Ruiz (2015, Argentina)

Three teenagers spend their summer holidays in a seemingly abandoned but well furnished house. This is about where All the Time in the World by Rosendo Ruiz seems to begin and end. It’s not really a coming of age drama, because the characters don’t seem to evolve all that much. And unlike some other films that used a similar premise, it doesn’t necessarily stand for any type of comment on utopian community.

The film is merely a naive snapshot of youth, where even the moments that appear to have some type of charge, or potential to shift the storyline into high gear, disappointingly fall flat. Its simplicity and superficiality will bore most viewers. And while its slow pace deny the film any type of mainstream value on an internationa scale, it’s only one step up from the type of rhythm common in South American telenovelas.

Perhaps the greatest hint the film offers is in the title, which hints at a fundamental unawareness of kids in their early teenage to understand the progression of time with any significant sense of urgency. Alas, there is probably not enough time in the world to indulge in a film where the standards seem to be set far too low, such as this one. – 1/5


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