’71 (2014, UK)


’71 || 2014, UK || Action || Directed by – Yann Demange / Written by – Gregory Burke / Produced by – Leslie Finlay, Lizzie Francke, Robin Gutch, Hugo Heppell, Mark Herbert, Robert How, Angus Lamont, Sam Lavender, Dan MacRae, Danny Perkins, Tessa Ross / Music by – David Holmes / Cinematography by – Tat Radcliffe / Editing by – Chris Wyatt / Production Design by – Chris Oddy / Starring – Jack O’Donnell, Jack Lowden / Running time: 99 mins.


“’71” by Yann Demange (UK, 2014)

A young British soldier is thrown into the chaos and mayhem in the midst of the Troubles of Northern Ireland 1971, and finds himself hopelessly lost and dodging violence from both factions of Catholics and Protestants.

Great vehicle for Jack O’Connell who delivers an intense and soft spoken performance heightening tension and drama and letting the despair and disorientation of his character shine through.

Despite ’71 initially pointing out to a realistic approach, Demange’s film resembles the tension of John Carpenter’s thrillers with its ferocity and suspenseful tension. Nevertheless, its emotions remain quite compelling and rewarding on a scale that remains tastefully sensible to the culture context in which it is set, especially through its driving force that aims to depict the socio political situation of Northern Ireland as a dangerous place where everyone is forced to adapt to the dangers and violence. – 4/5


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