Review – SITI (Eddie Cahyono, 2014, Indonesia)


SITI || 2014, Indonesia || Drama || Directed by – Eddie Cahyono / Produced by – Ifa Isfasnyah, Silvia Indah Rini / Music by – Krisna Purna / Cinematography by – Ujel Bausad / Editing by – Greg Araya / Starring – Sekar Sari / Running time: 95 mins.


“Siti” by Eddie Cahyono (2014, Indonesia)

The styles of Italian neo-realism and the French new wave meet half-way in director Eddie Cahyono’s impressive Indonesian tale about a young woman who finds herself taking care of her whole family after an accident leaves her husband in a catatonic state.

Struggling to pay off her husband’s death, keep her son under a watchful eye and drastically missing a life of fun and thoughtlessness as well as a closeness with her husband, Siti is also quite an impressive feminist movie – the likes of which recalls Vivre Sa Vie by Jean-Luc Godard, and finds its Anna Karina in the presence of actress and newcomer Sekar Sari, who embraces the challenge of carrying the film on her shoulders openly and effectively in her cinematic debut.

The impact of the story is equally matched by the impressive technical style employed, which mixes the vintage look of black and white photography with a more radically modern handheld cinematography, an approach that adds a sense of timelessness and melancholia. – 4/5


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