Review – AFTER TILLER (Martha Shane and Lana Wilson, 2013, USA)


AFTER TILLER || 2013, USA || Documentary || Directed by – Martha Shane, Lana Wilson / Written by – Greg O’Toole, Martha Shane, Lana Wilson / Produced by – Wendy Ettinger, Judith Elfand, Julie Parker Benello, Martha Shane, Lana Wilson / Music by – Andy Cabic, Eric D. Johnson / Cinematography by – Hillary Spera, Emily Topper / Editing by – Greg O’Toole / Running time: 85 mins.


“After Tiller” by Martha Shane and Lana Wilson (2013, USA)

In a debate that is usually embittered by preconceptions, it’s easy to forget that there are human beings with human feelings, emotions and connection behind each individual abortion. Martha Shane and Lana Wilson with their intense After Tiller tell the difficult but real story of third-trimester abortions by following the work of the few doctors who carry out such procedures and its starting point is the murder of one of the few such doctors, George Tiller.

According to its subject, this documentary should come across as controversial especially because of its one-sided approach in a two-sided debate. Yet, it’s hard to ignore its honest and convincing portrayal of real feelings and human warmth that alone make a convincing case. It’s also more than admirable that a film like this should be so refreshingly soft spoken, in this fierce debate about life where aggressiveness and hatred are aplenty. – 4/5


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