Review – POLISH SHIT (“Polskie gówno,” Grzegorz Jankowski, 2014, Poland)


POLSKIE GÓWNO || 2014, Poland || Musical || Directed by – Grzegorz Jankowski / Written by – Tymon Tymansky / Produced by – Grzegorz Jankowski, Tomasz Kronenberg, Feliks Pastusiak, Dariusz Pietrykowski, Andrzej Polec, Michal Szymanowicz, Maria Natalia Tymanska, Tymon Tymansky / Music by – Robert Brylewsky, Arkadiusz Krasniewski, Tymon Tymansky / Cinematography by – Tomasz Madejski / Editing by – Agnieszka Glinska / Production design – Miroslaw Goledzinowski / Starring – Tymon Tymansky, Robert Brylewski, Grzegorz Halama, Filip Galazka / Running time: 93 mins.


“Polish Shit (

A rock band composed of men in their late thirties and still garnering dreams of making it big get their big break out of the an unlikely predicament when the man who their leader is indebted by proposes to become their manager in order to make his money back. But the decadent road to fame is one filled with vice that leads them on a path of self-destruction.

Polish Shit is a film that feeds off of the energy of its rock and roll music. But it is also a comedy where its many jokes, made of the usual brand of satire, fall flat on their face, or are quite simply lost in translation.

It doesn’t help that Grzegorz Jankowski seems to gradually but surely lose control of its plot to the point where it’s hard to care for anything that happens. The wild editing and handheld cinematography makes gives the film the stylistic feel of a rollercoaster ride, a conglomeration of B-movie archetypes. But as a whole, it is far too trivial to be truly interesting enough to be sought out. – 2/5


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