10 landmark films by Woody Allen

Woody Allen, one of the most important figures in American cinema history, celebrates his 81st birthday today. Here is a list of 10 of his landmark films (up to this point) in chronological order.



In his 50 year career, Allen had virtually never taken a break. This means that, as a rule of thumb, some of his works are not as good as others. Indeed, much of the nineties and early outghies was mostly composed by such films – with the exception of the somewhat underrated Deconstructing Harry.

The messy separation from Mia Farrow and tabloid media attack certainly helped shape this film, which is the ultimate representation of a director’s stance on cinema as psychoanalysis (it is a point of argument that Allen’s films were always concerned with psychoanalysis, generally speaking).

Here, he attempts to examine his own, personal faults and his understandings of the responsibilities and imperfections of artists through his leading character: a writer who has alienated everyone around him by writing about them in his books and no paying enough attention to living in the moment.


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