10 landmark films by Woody Allen

Woody Allen, one of the most important figures in American cinema history, celebrates his 81st birthday today. Here is a list of 10 of his landmark films (up to this point) in chronological order.


4. ANNIE HALL (1977)

There’s not much that hasn’t been said in praise of Annie Hall. The shell shockingly honest comedy about relationships, in which Allen himself portrays the melancholic Alvy Singer immediately ponders upon which his love story with the titular girl failed, is a downright masterpiece.

Aside from it being universally appealing and a rewarding therapy session for both filmmaker and audience, this production also marked the first collaboration between Allen and the celebrated cinematographer Gordon Willis, whom the director often cited as a “technical wizard.” Willis helped him achieve the technical advancement that Allen needed.

The result was universal acclaim and a bagful of Oscars. He also directed Diane Keaton in the role of her career (the two were also romantically involved). Now, Woody Allen could praised as more than the director of comedies, but a downright auteur.


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