10 landmark films by Woody Allen

Woody Allen, one of the most important figures in American cinema history, celebrates his 81st birthday today. Here is a list of 10 of his landmark films (up to this point) in chronological order.


5. MANHATTAN (1979)

The late seventies represented a golden period in Woody Allen’s career, during which he took advantage of the level of independence that had generally been awarded to him since the success of Annie Hall.

Manhattan stands as a peak of this period. It is rightly regarded as one of his most “mature” screenplays due to the attention given to character depth and honest representations of human emotions.

What is perhaps even more remarkable is that it redifined traditionally unappealing urban corners of its titular setting, and in turn New York Cirt in general, as locations of absolute romanticism. This was certainly thanks once again to Gordon Willis, the use of black and white photography and the atmosphere-defining jazz notes of Gershwin’s compositions.


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