10 films you must see if you liked “Arrival”


Denis Villeneuve had apparently been wanting to make a science fiction feature film for some time before stumbling upon the script for Arrival. It was certainly worth the wait. Upon its premiere and subsequent theatrical release worldwide, the film was highly praised for its atmosphere, effects and, among other films, for an excellent central performance by Amy Adams (who has been on a roll as of late).

Arrival tells the story of a linguist who is asked by the US Army to join a team to find out why alien spacecraft have arrived on earth. The core narrative is intertwined with visions of her daughter, who dies during childhood from cancer.

The film has rewarding psychological and emotional depth, but it is also thrilling and spectacular. It’s frankly another great film by Villeneuve, who proves himself once again one of the most remarkable filmmakers around today.

So, for those who watched and enjoyed Arrival, and would like to see more films like it, here is a list of another 10 films that we strongly recommend (NOTE: The list is not in order of preference):


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