10 films you must see if you liked “Arrival”

For those who watched and enjoyed Arrival, and would like to see more films like it, here is a list of another 10 films that we strongly recommend (NOTE: The list is not in order of preference):


10 – DESTINY by Fritz Lang (1921)

For the last recommendation, we try something a little different. Lang’s landmark silent feature Destiny spirals out of a framing story in which a woman challenges death to bring her recently deceased loved one back to life. While the storylines remain relatively different – Destiny is far more gothic and looks to past traditions rather than future ones – the tension and atmosphere is remarkably alike. But the similarities extend to the visuals, camera movements and even the sets themselves. The walk up the spaceship in Arrival, and its lighting, very much recalls that up Death’s candle-room in the 1921 feature.


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