CineCola’s Akira Kurosawa marathon journal


In honour of the upcoming CineCola Screening of Akira Kurosawa’s Ran, I have decided to challenge myself and embark on a viewing marathon of films made by the Japanese master filmmaker.

The screening will take place in Galway, Ireland at Nun’s Island Theatre on February 20 an 8 p.m., so I have challenged myself to have watched all of Kurosawa’s films before this date – at least up to his 1985 epic Ran, which will be the film that will be screened. I have also decided to keep some type of journal of these viewings on this website.

My writings of these films will not be reviews in the academic sense, nor in a formalist sense. They will be written as if they were journal entries, much closer to the type of film journal entries I used to write as a kid and throughout my teenage years than any of the reviews that have appeared on CineCola since its beginnings. However, to intensify my research, I have gathered loads of writings and materials on Kurosawa’s life and career, and while these entries will not be written for historical research purposes, some of the information I will take in during the course of this week or so will inevitably leak in them.

I must specify that this idea has just occurred on me, while in the midst of the Berlinale, which is keeping me busy from afar, and between my two regular gigs as journalist for two publications and one online radio station, my college work and of course, the curation and planning of each one of my CineCola Screening events, so the frequency of the posts will inevitably be irregular. It’s also more than likely that, due to the frequency and the stream of consciousness style that they will be written on, there might inevitably be spelling or grammar mistakes.

Nevertheless, without further ado, I should just get started, because the more I type this introduction, the less time I have to complete this arduous but exciting challenge!

Kurosawa marathon journal – #1 – SANSHIRO SUGATA (1943)

Kurosawa marathon journal – #2 -SANSHIRO SUGATA PART II

Kurosawa marathon journal – #3 – THE MOST BEAUTIFUL (1944)

Kurosawa marathon journal – #4 – THE MEN WHO TREAD ON THE TIGER’S TAIL (1945)

Kurosawa marathon journal – #5 – NO REGRETS FOR OUR YOUTH (1946)

Kurosawa marathon journal – #6 – ONE WONDERFUL SUNDAY (1947)

Kurosawa marathon journal – #7 – DRUNKEN ANGEL (1948)

Kurosawa marathon journal – #8 – THE QUIET DUEL (1949)

RAN cinecola screenings poster.png


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