The emotions of grief after the news of David Lynch’s retirement from film

David Lynch has stated what many of us already knew and feared: Inland Empire (2006) was his last film. He will never direct another feature again. There are those quick to point out that the premiere of Twin Peaks is just around the corner. However, most cinephiles know that that is not the same thing. By quitting cinema, Lynch is leaving the void of one of the world’s most important and original cinephiles in history. For many, this is a trauma that could be likened to a painful break-up. Which is why in the following piece, we attempt to analyze the situation by likening the emotional response to the new of Lynch’s retirement to a painful break-up:


SHOCK AND DISBELIEF: What?! Please…this is just clickbait content. There is no way David Lynch will actually never direct a movie, ever again. No way!

REVIEW AND PAINFUL RELINQUISHMENT: Well, now, wait a minute. He hasn’t directed a film since 2006’s Inland Empire? And has never really even thought about making a feature since then. Uhmmm…he says he’s not interested in making the type of films that are popular in cinema today. Well, he did reject the offer of directing The Return of the Jedi in the past. And people freaking love Star Wars. And there’s no way he’ll ever direct a superhero movie. And people freaking love superhero movies…

DEVASTATION: Good god! Cinema has lost one of its greatest living directors. Maybe THE greatest living director. Is this a sign that cinema really is dead? What is all the big movie directors exclusively start directing for TV, or VOD or…even worse…(oh god, I can’t even imagine…I can’t even say it…) VR! That’s it. Cinema is dead, dead, dead. The future is bleak. We’re all doomed.


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