Netflix, or How to Disturb the Symmetry of a Perfect Filmography

Netflix has released “The Other Side of the Wind,” a film Orson Welles would not necessarily have wanted you to see.


Thoughts on Laura Mulvey, Killer of the Male Gaze

Laura Mulvey is celebrated as one of the most important film thinkers of all time. She believes that cinema offers a number of possible pleasures, one of them being scopophilia, “in which looking itself is a source of pleasure,” and in cinema’s ability to develop scopophilia “in its narcissistic aspect” by constructing an ideal image…

Women and “Women’s Films”

What is a film movement? What is a film genre? Janey Place writes that a film movement occurs “in specific historical periods of national stress and focus of energy,” whereas genre “[exists] through time.” For example, Place identified film noir as a film movement. Melodrama, on the other hand, is far more problematic. I have…